Next time I go to a theme park, I’ll wear this shirt and make this face and play that “Guess My Age” game, and I’ll win a giant stuffed animal for sure, because there’s no way they’ll know I’m not in high school and am, in fact, in my twenties.

Everyone Knows About It

Blogging, that is. You know it’s true. I know it to be true, as I already have another blog, and this, to a certain extent, just feels like an addendum to that one, where I comment mostly on pop culture and very little on my daily life. But today, I got to thinking, “Shouldn’t the pop culture commentary be an addendum, and the daily life a refined focus?” And then I agreed with myself that yes, yes, it should be.

So here we are now. Hi. My name is Christy. I am a pseudo-intellectual, and I have the strength, gumption, lack of shame, etc. to admit it. I’m a full-time job hunter and an independently contracted copywriter/part-time content farm migrant worker. (The copywriter part is less frequent and more rewarding.) I live with a cat named after a Legend of Zelda character and a software engineer/graphic designer. We (the human and I, not the cat and I) met on our college’s student newspaper four years ago. Now, we’re married and we like to make fun of each other while playing board games of German origin.

Generally, I enjoy my life. I think I’d get more out of it if I had some kind of career move in sight. But maybe, just maybe, if you keep following along, you’ll see me get there in time.

This seems awfully weak for a first entry on what will likely be an ongoing blog. If this were Xanga, and it was still, I don’t know, 2007, I’d post a picture of a fennec fox at the bottom of this post and call it good.

Now, I’ll just call it good instead.