An Open Letter To Damon Lindelof

UPDATE: Hours after I published it, Damon did give this a read and sent me the following response via Twitter.

“I was genuinely moved by your words. That being said, defend? Yes. Apologize? Never.”

Dear Mr. Lindelof,

First, let me say this: I am a fan, for reasons both generic and idiosyncratic. I find you to be an excellent writer, and I always liked the way you said “Hello, Carlton” with such measured rage on each installment of Dispatches from the Island. I think you’re funny, and clever, and one of the most important writers in the entertainment industry today.


It seems, of late, you feel the need to apologize for how you and Mr. Cuse ended Lost. At first, it was cute, the way you read angry tweets in public and re-tweeted new messages, accepting them as backhanded compliments. But more and more, it seems as though you’ve bought the hype of however many people hated the Lost finale. Never do you defend the decisions you made as a writer and co-showrunner. Instead, you remind your followers that you’re a subject of some angry nerds’ hatred. And then, you remind them again.

Here’s what I wish you’d remember: not everyone hated the Lost finale. In fact, I–and nearly ever viewer I know personally–loved it. No matter how it was meant to be interpreted, and subsequently was, it was a beautifully crafted, feature film-esque, character-driven episode, a set piece worthy of those previous 100-odd hours. It was wrenching, and exciting, and thoroughly satisfying. I’m not the only person who thinks so. And I think, somewhere in that adorably cynical brain of yours, you understand that.

It feels like you’ve forgotten that there are people who understood what you were trying to do and embraced it. So that’s what I want to remind you. For six years, Lost was a critically acclaimed and culturally influential program. It ended with a bang, or a few, and satisfyingly so. Please don’t forget that when George R.R. Martin forgets himself in an interview or someone sends you a death wish via tweet. You’re a good man, Damon Lindelof. And you deserve to remember that.


Christy J. Admiraal, Lost fan and concerned citizen.