Hi, I’m Christy Admiraal. I was born in Michigan and moved to New York a few years ago with my husband and our two cats. In addition to proofreading, writing, and editing for a Manhattan-based marketing agency, I write (and wrote) for some of my favorite places online, including Nerdist, VICE, and the late great Toast. I also host The California Diarists, a podcast about the weirdest and best Baby-Sitters Club spinoff.

The opinions expressed here — largely concerning pop culture and/or my life experiences with Billy Joel, comedy podcasts, and the setting of It Follows — are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employers.

Writing Highlights

Essays, Lists & News Posts (Nerdist)

Does Face/Off Actually Suck? (VICE)

The Head Writer of MST3K Talks About the Cult Classic’s Return (VICE)

The Innate Appeal of Freaking Yourself Out: Talking to Lisa Selin Davis about Hüsker Dü and Unlikeable Characters (Brooklyn Magazine)

So Say We All: A Look at the Awesome Science of Battlestar Galactica (The Mary Sue)

28 of the Other 45 Ways to Leave Your Lover (The Hairpin)

Collaborations & Guest Appearances

The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Terrible Talking Termite – Deep in Bear Country Podcast with Phil Gonzales

Watchmen – Sophomore Lit Podcast with John McCoy

A Dog for Christmas – Predict-o-Cast Podcast with Josh Hollis & Brian Skinner

“Eight Days, Seven Nights” – Audio Drama with Josh Hollis

Suggestions for Billy Joel’s Madison Square Garden Residency in 2017 – Co-Written for The Awl with Stephen Mulder


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