2014: The Good Parts

Man, 2014 was kind of a disaster, huh? That back half was especially rough!

A few good things did happen, though. I went to three podcast tapings, a Hold Steady show, and a Billy Joel concert. I was surprised to learn that Cabaret was my favorite live musical. I read a bunch of great books. I saw Michigan in the fall. I played some video games. I went to some meetups. I got to go on a cruise with Scott. I took some great weekend trips. And I learned a thing or two, though I’m not sure what those things were!

Along the way, I had some pieces published on The Toast.

This one is about dental implants, and it’s a personal essay.

This is a Femslash Friday about Skye and Simmons on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. I can now safely say that I no longer ship these two, but they seemed like a pretty solid match after season one.

Another Femslash Friday. I wrote a fic about these two Young Avengers. Their love will never die.

I co-wrote this with Bethany Keeley-Jonker. It’s about the Baby-Sitters Club, and it’s pretty funny.

I didn’t update this blahg very often, and I don’t know if that’ll change in 2015. Now that listicles are everywhere, mine seem both a) too wordy and b) too redundant. But I genuinely enjoy writing one every now and again, so that’ll probably happen at least a few times in the coming year.

In 2015, I resolve to whine less and appreciate what life has to offer more.

Also, to drink precisely as much Diet Coke as my body requires.



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