Questions Regarding Captain America: The Winter Soldier

(Here be spoilers.)

  • Why was the Captain America exhibit in the Air and Space Smithsonian rather than American History? He has little do with either and everything to do with American History.
  • Why was there voiceover in the Captain America exhibit? I’ve been to several Smithsonia (the plural of Smithsonian) and never heard the dulcet tones of Gary Sinise or some such narrator as I wandered around.
  • Regarding The List in Steve’s tiny notebook (which was a delightful concept), is Steve actually putting off finding out about the Berlin wall? That seems like it would’ve come up by now. He’s been back for a little while.
  • Why can’t Steve slip into his Brooklyn accent more often? My husk of a soul reconstituted itself when he used it to talk to Peggy for all of seven seconds.
  • Does Sam Wilson own a straightener? Nat’s hair looked very smooth mere seconds after turning wavy post-shower.
  • Can DC Pierson get a haircut?
  • What’s the percentage of audience members who believed Nick Fury was actually dead? If SHIELD’s going to resurrect my spirit animal Phil Coulson, you know they’re bringing back the guy who’s one step up, and his injuries weren’t as severe as Phil’s. (We’re on a first name basis.)
  • Why isn’t Bucky in this movie more often? I have far more praise for The Winter Soldier than complaints, but I would’ve loved to have seen both more Sam and more Bucky. Sebastian Stan’s a fine actor, and he was downright wrenching here–when he got the chance to be, which was not often.
  • Can Natasha quit wearing that arrow necklace? I understand that the natural coupling among Avengers is Clint and Natasha, but by Whedon logic, a Happy Couple must be torn apart by death, and he’s not going to kill off his Strong Female Character, so Clint’s days are numbered, and I love the Hawkguy. I’m the only person you know whose favorite Avenger is Hawkeye. Don’t do this to me, MCU.
  • Are we not allowed to call Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch “mutants”? Are they only to be referred to as “miracles” in MCU since the X-Men series has its grubby yet capable paws all over the term “mutant”?
  • Borrowed concept that I really wish I’d thought of: can we get a series of images of Bucky looking, contemplatively and longingly, at other Smithsonian exhibits? Bucky Stares at the Kermit Puppet, Bucky Admires the Dresses of the First Ladies, et cetera?
  • Where does this fall in the order of MCU movies from best to worst? I still think The Avengers can’t be beat, and though I don’t think my opinion is shared by many anymore, I’d put Iron Man 3 ahead of this. It’s certainly better than Iron Man 2 and Thor, and I’d also say it’s better than Iron Man, though the first Captain America is so solid and so fun and does such a great job of establishing Steve as the hero he is. As it stands, I’d give this a very slight edge over the first, because the emotional beats ring true and I love the addition of Black Widow and Falcon. Steve can carry a movie, but it’s nice to see him get some help, especially from such strong performers. (Also, Cobie Smulders! Am I right, folks?)
  • Am I the only person in the world who literally bounced up and down, flailed, and squealed when Danny Pudi appeared onscreen?
  • Is this a satisfying movie? Yes. Am I now looking even more forward to Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron? Certainly. And am I feeling fine without any of these questions answered? Of course.

2 thoughts on “Questions Regarding Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  1. In re: the use of “mutants,” I’ve read that Marvel studios is legally prohibited from using the term due to Fox’s contract for X-Men.

    In re: Danny Pudi, his cameo made me giddy.

  2. Natasha and Steve OTP. I love Evans and Johansson´s chemistry, and am not a fan of Jeremy Renner´s Hawkeye at all (although I like the character).

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