A Series of Vignettes Regarding Entertainment Consumed of Late

I haven’t blahgged in a long time, and there are reasons for that, none of them particularly valid. So let’s play catchup.

The World’s End

I saw The World’s End a few days ago. I went into this movie with semi-high expectations for a handful of reasons: I have a long-standing love affair with Shaun of the Dead and generally enjoy Edgar Wright’s work. I think Simon Pegg is an absolute delight. I like Martin Freeman and Nick Frost, and the other guys seemed like affable dudes from the trailers. And it’s about a pub crawl. How could I not love it?
I did love it, but for many more reasons than my affection for Wright, Pegg, Freeman, and Frost. I loved how its themes–how friendships disintegrate over time, how an inability to grow up hinders you, how feeling purposeless can lead to destructive behavior–were painfully yet comfortingly resonant. I loved the way it made me question how none of those guys vomited (onscreen, at least) despite consuming a substantial amount of beer. And I loved the resolution.
But I don’t want to ruin that. I don’t want to ruin anything, because anyone who’s ever been on a pub crawl or felt isolated from their peers or enjoys laughing should see it. And then they should see it again, like I want to.

Real Steel

The most disappointing thing about Real Steel is that it’s 65% manufactured family drama and only 35% robots boxing. If it were 90% robots boxing and 10% manufactured family drama, I would have enjoyed it 100% more. Are you listening, Hollywood? (And I realize the Transformers series includes a heavy dose of robot fights, but those scripts are even worse than that of Real Steel. I know, because I watched the third Transformers movie with Rifftrax commentary. Alan Tudyk is in that movie for some reason. But I digress.)

Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly, and The Village Voice

Real Simple calms me down, Entertainment Weekly includes consistently engaging feature writing, and The Village Voice leaves smudges all over my hands. They each serve separate purposes and each remind me why print media can never die.

The MTV Video Music Awards

JC Chasez of *NSYNC, I would still go out for coffee with you if you asked.

The Pop Culture Happy Hour episode about the MTV Video Music Awards and Portrayals of the White House in Film and Television

I listened to it twice.

The City of Washington, DC

This counts as entertainment, right? Last weekend, Scott and I visited friends who live in our nation’s capital (USA, USA, etc.). They took us to the 9:30 Club to watch a French DJ, we ate a lot of excellent food, and I got to go to some Smithsonia (that’s the plural of Smithsonian museums, I decided) for the first time in over ten years. Fonzie’s jacket isn’t at the American history one anymore, but we did see a lot of First Ladies’ dresses, which is probably better. Probably. Also, we went to the National Cathedral and considered reenacting a portion of the season two finale of The West Wing but ultimately refrained. It’s gorgeous and very, very quiet in there.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Slowly but surely, we’ve been re-watching the series with some friends and fellow Avatar lovers. We’re having a premiere party for The Legend of Korra this weekend, but as longtime readers (all three of you, if there are that many) know, Aang will always be my avatar, and watching the series knowing exactly what’s coming is a thing of beauty.

Billy Joel

What if Billy Joel’s entire catalog is about a character he invented–an extremely elaborate character–and we’ve been fooled all these years into thinking he’s a deeply sad person? WHAT IF?

OK, I feel a lot better now.


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