Interlude: A Conversation About Ben Folds With A Very Good Friend

Christy: Ben Folds-related fact: I didn’t understand why people loved “The Ascent of Stan till the second time I saw the guy live. Then I was like, “Oh. I get it. This makes sense now.”
Stephen: “The Ascent of Stan” is probably my favorite track on that album. Jazz chords. Not jazz. Just jazz chords.
Christy: “Zak and Sara” is probably my favorite. I also love “Gone.”
Stephen:  Man, this is weird. I think you and I both manage to love Rockin’ the Suburbs without managing to agree on any of the individual songs.
Christy: [laughter] Do you love “Fred Jones Part 2,” though? Because I love “Fred Jones Part 2.” And I love taking my hands off the wheel when driving to clap along with “Annie Waits.”
Stephen: It’s probably No. 5 for me on that album.
1. “Fired”
2. “The Ascent of Stan”
3. “Annie Waits”
4. “Losing Lisa”
Christy: I was just typing, “Can we agree that Fired is pretty weak?” So, good to know that we are opposite people.
Stephen: Never much cared for “Zak and Sara” or “Gone,” and I think “The Luckiest” is nigh unlistenable. “Fired.” Jazz chords. Appreciate chord complexity!
Christy: I think the impasse we’ve reached is you care more about musical arrangements and I care more about the way he enunciates the word “submarine.”
Stephen: [laughter] Yeah, I am definitely an arrangement snob. I’ll take mediocre composition with a great arrangement over the reverse any day.
Christy: I feel like saving this conversation. I will save this conversation.


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