Thoughts On The Last Three Movies I Watched And The Weekend Ahead

Bridesmaids: Yes, it took me a while to see this movie. Alarming, I know. But I could only resist the pull of Chris O’Dowd for so long. I watched it with Scott (shocker!) and about 15 minutes in, he asked me if women were really “like this.” It made me oddly sad as I answered honestly, “Yes.” This is a movie that portrays female friendships rather well, makes me laugh a great deal, and involves Chris O’Dowd just Chris O’Dowding around. I’d watch it again for Melissa McCarthy alone. But it’s all bittersweet, because yes, women are sometimes the worst. And I might have to skip a scene or two on rewatching.

Star Trek: Into Darkness: I added the colon so they didn’t have to! I feel like I’ve been grandfathered into the Star Trek franchise somehow, being married to someone who’s seen all of The Next Generation and friends with people that somehow convinced me to watch movies 2-6 (don’t worry, I was spared on the first). I loved JJ Abrams’ first Star Trek outing, and I might have loved this one even more. It has all the banter and laser noises and warp speed of the first, plus Benedict Cumberbatch doing the thing where he’s terrific. The more I think about it, the happier I am that it’s not a heavy movie. I don’t need my sci-fi reboots to be heavy. I’m in the theater to be entertained, and I didn’t walk away disappointed.

The Great Gatsby: People have tried and failed to successfully adapt The Great Gatsby in the past, and while I don’t know if Baz Lurhmann’s attempt is 100% successful (yes, I do; it’s not), it’s very visually impressive, and the tonal shift halfway through is so jarring and so unlike Luhrmann that I can’t help appreciating it. Plus, the soundtrack is just terrific, including a twenties-style “Crazy in Love” that made me grin like a fool. If nothing else, the party scenes are a feast for the eyes, and Leonardo DiCaprio is captivating as ever. (Also, I’m very fond of Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of Nick. It’s honest and sad, just what it needed to be.)

On an unrelated note, my parents are in town this weekend, so I have an excuse to go to all my favorite stores and restaurants. We’ve already checked Dylan’s Candy Bar and the Stag’s Head off the list, and I think we’ll go to the main branch of the library and FAO Schwarz tomorrow. (Plus, bagels will be involved.) And on Sunday, we’re going to have our fill of Arrested Development. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but that’s a thing that will be happening again.

Also, I’m reading Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life, and it’s weird and wonderful, and I’ve been working at Medallion for three weeks, and it’s less weird and more wonderful.

The end!


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