The Prospects of Televised Best Friends

Have you ever watched a TV show and thought to yourself, “I could totally fit in with this group?” I have, just as I’ve catalogued which television characters I could conceivably date. And so, here’s a list for you of TV personalities I’d love to hang out with.

Casey Klein, Party Down

I once aspired to be a full-time media critic, living in New York or Chicago, writing for Rolling Stone and meeting the kind of people you salivate over in the grocery store checkout lane while browsing the covers of Us Weekly and In Touch. Similarly, Casey Klein (Lizzy Caplan) would like nothing more than to be an LA-based comedic actress, rubbing shoulders with Judd Apatow and getting a script offer every day. While I’m happy copywriting, Casey is making a go of it as a part-time caterer with the Party Down company. And while it’s not what she wanted, she makes the best of it by flirting with co-worker Henry Pollard (Adam Scott) and cracking wise in the most awkward of situations. (Post-porn awards party while high on ecstasy, anyone?) I can see us throwing back PBRs and making jokes and watching TV (so meta!) while talking about what we used to want to be.

Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen, How I Met Your Mother

I can’t imagine better couple friends than Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel). They’re quirky, and funny, and extremely loyal, even in the most unusual of circumstances. Sometimes, admittedly, it’s nice to have ‘couple friends,’ to hang out with another pair of young marrieds and play board games and eat semi-fancy food and make cocktails that may or may not taste good. All of these are things that Marshall and Lily seem to greatly appreciate, and I’m willing to bet they’d accept us into their fold, even if we never got invited to McLaren’s with the rest of the gang. I personally wouldn’t be too offended by that.

Abed Nadir, Community

Abed (Danny Pudi) tends to make a lot of my lists, and why wouldn’t he? His pop culture knowledge bests mine, he sees the good and bad in people clearer than anyone else he spends any amount of time with, and he’s almost jarringly honest, all of which are character traits I actively seek out when making friends. (And I’ll admit it, the pop culture knowledge besting is something I still haven’t found. Work on that, guys.) I’m not looking for a Troy/Abed relationship here. I’m just looking for someone I can nod at imperceptibly when we recognize a movie quote or a situation that eerily mirrors one we saw on Saved by the Bell on a Saturday morning in 1994.

Willow Rosenberg, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Yes, that’s correct, Alyson Hannigan is in an enviable position here, having played two of my favorite female characters in recent television history–or, at least, two that I find extremely endearing. At any time, Willow is one of the most appealing characters in a series filled with them. Whether she’s shy and retiring, slightly bolder and empowered by loving relationships, or even straight up evil, she’s a very appealing person with a number of admirable qualities. (OK, maybe not when she goes the evil route, but close enough.) Anyone would be lucky to have her as a best friend, or even a casual acquaintance.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, Battlestar Galactica

Starbuck is beyond badass. She’s surly yet loyal, subdued when she needs to be and cocky when her job requires it (and sometimes when it really, really doesn’t). She’s honest, sometimes to a fault, and she’s surprisingly vulnerable. I get the feeling she’d be great at telling you to put up or shut up, and more than willing to cry on your shoulder if you leaned her way. Plus, she once stabbed a Cylon with a steak knife for getting too close over a charming little dinner he’d prepared, and I just can’t say no to that kind of thing.

And on that note, I should finish The Big Rewind or watch TV or something. Gotta find some new friends sometime.


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