The Progression

Week one is over and done, and I’m really liking it at Meijer. I spend my days writing and editing and, believe it or not, that’s something I thoroughly enjoy. And then there’s perhaps the strongest advantage of working in an office environment (other than the stellar selection at the cafeteria, naturally): being around other people.

Don’t get me wrong. I was fine with seeing only my cat and Scott on a daily basis and spending large chunks of time on my own. But at my core, I am a people person. Since I’m working, I’m typically pretty quiet, but it’s just so nice to look up and see other people and engage them in conversation, if only for a couple minutes at a time. And there are so many of them, too, enough that I could never conceivably become familiar with every one of them. But there’s a perfect number in my department that I can do that with them, at the very least.

Though I think I would be pleased with two months of work there, I’d be thrilled if they offered an extension on my contract or, even better, a permanent position after the next two months. I really feel like I’m in my element in this particular place, at this particular time, and I’d be all too happy to stay there.

In other news, it’s beginning to feel rather holiday-esque around here. We’re doing Secret Santa in my department and organizing some kind of group charity contribution. People are draping their cubicles with cheesy decorations, we’ve added two Christmas stations to our car presets, and I followed my impulse to listen to “Feliz Navidad” very, very loudly on my way home from the mall. Santa’s there. You can smell roasted almonds wherever you walk. And the lines are impossibly long, because ’tis the season.


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