The New Phase Begins

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new life stage, or so it would seem. Beginning sometime around 8:20 in the morning, I’ll be a copywriter at Meijer’s corporate headquarters, composing promotional material for their online catalog. I’ve never worked full time before, nor have I had a job that paid nearly this high. (My description is “sufficient for someone with a bachelor’s degree.”) The thought of staying at the same place, actively working, for 8 hours (there’s a break in there for lunch), 5 days a week, is fairly daunting. But I’m looking forward to it.

The weirdest part of this is how sudden the turnover is. After steady job searching for an entire year–the anniversary is this week–I got an e-mail from an employment agency I’d worked with in the past. The turnaround was instantaneous; I applied, interviewed, and had the job within two weeks. And it’s really exactly what I’ve been looking for all along. If I hadn’t already signed the contract, I’d still be convinced it’s too good to be true.

It’s been very. very difficult for me to be grateful for much of my life in the past six months or so. My perpetual good mood was dying down, and I was becoming increasingly discouraged by rejections and failed interviews. Now, on Thanksgiving, I had something I could dwell on.

Now, to find a lunchbox.


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