Delay of a Salesman

First: oh, hi, cardio and crunches, it’s nice to see you again. I’ve been slacking, not necessarily on diet, but certainly on exercise, so I decided today was as good as any to get back into it. At the end of August, I hit my lowest weight since early high school; basically, in seven years, I’ve been able to get back down to where I was, and even lower than that. My doctor says I deserve a medal. Enough confidence to wear a bikini next year would be sufficient for me.

Second: I got contacted by an insurance company today. They pushed me into setting an appointment for an interview next week. I thought I’d heard of the company before, and I wasn’t even certain what they did, so I looked them up and found out some of the most negative things a company can possibly do. These are people who seek out the unemployed and cold call them, offering them classes in sales and training in how to use scare tactics to sell your product. They tell you nothing about the position pre-interview and tell you to “dress professionally,” as though that’s not something you would do for an interview already.

ANYWAY, my point here is that I tire quickly of getting treated like prey. So I don’t have a job. This makes me no worse than others with jobs. I have a bachelor’s degree and office experience. If I wanted a master’s degree, I could get one. I’m self-aware enough to know that I’m smart enough to do so. And yet, because I’m not receiving a bi-monthly paycheck or a yearly salary, I’m somehow more susceptible to scams.

This is not a place I ever wanted to be, but I’d rather be unemployed and content than selling insurance and unhappy. And I am content. No matter how many times I get discouraged, I’m happy with what I have. And that’s something no scam can take away from me.

However, they did take away my privilege of sleeping in by calling before Scott left for work. So I think I’ll shower (gotta get the stink of exercise off) and go back to bed for a while. Listen to Cat Stevens while I’m gone.


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