Married to the Sea

Life has been a little bit adrift in the past few months. The few promising leads I had in the wonderful world of employment evaporated, so here I am again, applying for jobs in a number of different states and gritting my teeth and moving on after every rejection e-mail (of which there are many). I prefer the rejections to never hearing anything at all. An editorial assistant position opened up on Tell Me More, an NPR show, and while I got an e-mail from the recruiter the day I submitted an application, I’ve heard nothing since. That was over a month ago now.

I’d like to think it’s getting easier, that it doesn’t still hurt when I hear nothing or I hear something and it’s strictly negative. But honestly, I’m beginning to think it gets harder. There comes a point when you start to wonder if this is worth it, the countless cover letters and resume revisions and “Thank you for your time” empty sentiments. And that, I suppose, is when you start thinking about grad school again.

I’d love to be a librarian by day, potentially at an elementary or middle school, and a critic by night. But before I can do anything like that, I have to take the GRE, get into an ALA-accredited school, and study there for two years till I get my slip of paper, at which time I’ll apply for jobs. My chief worry there is that I’ll have just as much success looking for a librarian post as I have in my current line of work (that is, hardly any success). You never can tell how these things will work out, which makes it a lot more difficult for me to go ahead and try my hand and head at a standardized test with which I know I’ll have a hard time.

In much lighter news, Scott got us a Netflix subscription in honor of the 23rd anniversary of my birth. (Does 23 count as mid-twenties? I think so!) Today, we discovered that we can stream a whole lot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is excellent, considering the depth of our love for it. One of the highlights of Dragon*Con, for me, was meeting Joel Hodgson, and my smile grows ever wider when he delivers a classic line. The first movie we got is Some Like it Hot. I’ve seen it and consider it one of the best comedies ever made. Scott hasn’t seen it, and for this reason, I’m really looking forward to watching it again.

Also, I watched The Royal Tenenbaums today, and was reminded why it’s one of my favorite movies. The smallest details in that film–the Javelina, Mordecai’s white feathers, the smile on Chas’ face when he finally loosens up and rides the garbage truck–can be so painstakingly beautiful. To me, it feels like a series of films squeezed into one, introducing these smaller characters that become part of a far-reaching, thoroughly entertaining whole. It made me miss writing about movies. I think I’ll start doing that again. There are habits we should never avoid; for me, writing about pop culture is one of them.

It’s good to be back.


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