Why I Haven’t Written About Dragon*Con.

I guess there’s any number of reasons I haven’t chronicled my adventures in Atlanta here, beginning with “I’m lazy” and ending with “Yup, any number of reasons later, I’m still lazy.” Actually, there is reason for the lack of posting related to Dragon*Con and, well, the lack of posting in general. D*C has an easy explanation: words just wouldn’t cut it for the fun my pals and I had traipsing through host hotels, encountering heroes, laughing uproariously and admiring steampunks. Also, in honesty, I think what I have to talk about would bore a great many people. BSG panels, geek-cluttered dance halls, robot battles, and Adam Savage–as soon as you got 15 words in, wouldn’t you want to stop reading? I might.

And so it goes. Ask and I’ll tell you stories, but I don’t think I’ll write them here.

Life is at something of a standstill right now. A few very positive things have happened since last month, which is good, considering the daily wear and tear of joblessness. Writing about GPS units grows ever duller, I miss my out-of-state friends dearly, and I wonder what I have left to learn, and where I should do it.

The future holds promise, but sometimes, it’s difficult to determine how to get there.

I’ll let you know next time I have an anecdote worth sharing.


One thought on “Why I Haven’t Written About Dragon*Con.

  1. I was celebrating Christy birthday (a little late) by visiting your profile on FB (because those are the times we live in), and I was like, hey, Christy blog!

    The point of this comment is to say that I’d like to hear Aaron Douglas’s stories about what an idiot Jamie Bamber can be. In person, before or after Jurrasic Park sometime, maybe? Hope you had a lovely birthday! :)

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